Approx. 10 to 15 % of Population have a Kidney Stone once in their life time.

Do all people who have Kidney Stones need treatment ???? – Answer is big NO.

Some people ( I do not know the figures & data is not available & not possible also ) who have small Kidney Stones lying in calyces will never know that they ever had or they have Kidney Stones unless & until they undergo routine imaging studies or they undergo imaging studies for some other reasons – Dr. Pawan K. Gupta

Do all people who have Kidney Stones seek medical advice for getting their Kidney Stones removed ???? – Answer is again a big NO.

These are big questions with no authentic answer, however, I will try to answer these questions with some accuracy to the best of my knowledge of treating Kidney Stones for around 40 years now and to help a Kidney Stone patient understand Kidney Stones better – Dr Pawan K Gupta

Let us divide Kidney Stones in to three types depending on their presentation :-

1. Symtomatic Kidney Stones.
2. Asymptomatic Kidney Stones
3. Unnoticed Kidney Stones.

Who needs Treatment of Kidney Stones