Drink plenty of fluids to produce around 2 to 3 litres of urine every day.

60 to 80% of Kidney Stones pass out spontaneously. 50 % of Kidney Stones of less than 5 mm will pass out spontaneously. As the stone size increases, the chances of spontaneous passage decrease.

One could wait for 6 weeks for spontaneous passage of stone with or without the help of diuretics or alpha-blockers. This wait is not advisable if the patient has persistent pain or back pressure changes or associated urinary tract infection. The wait should always be done under medical advice.

Stones in a solitary kidney should be treated immediately.

Bilateral Kidney Stone patients must consult a Doctor.

Majority of Kidney Stones are Calcium & Uric acid Stones.

50 % Kidney Stones recur in 10 years time.

Tips for Kidney Stone Patients

How to choose a Doctor for your Kidney Stone treatment?

It is very rare that you will need an Emergency Operation for the removal of your Kidney Stones. You may need to undergo D J stenting or percutaneous nephrostomy in an emergency but kidney stone removal can wait.

Therefore, you have plenty of time to choose your Doctor.

Some tips:-

Check the qualification & credentials of Doctor you want to get treated from.

Check the facilities available in the hospital you are planning to get treatment.

Enquire from your friends.

Talk to patients who have already been treated for Kidney Stones.

Surf the web.

Check the website of Doctor or hospital you want to visit or get operated from.