RIRS Surgery :-  RIRS stands for Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery. The procedure has been detailed in other pages of our website.

Since this procedure is carried out through normal urinary passage & does not involve any cutting of body tissue during the whole procedure, this is relatively safe procedure when compared to other procedures for Kidney Stone Treatment.

RIRS Surgery Cost :- This is relatively expensive procedure when compared to other procedures like PCNL, MINI-PCNL  etc. Reason for this is requirement of expensive equipment involved in this procedure. Following equipment is exclusively required for this procedure:-

1.     Flexible Ureteroscope

2.     Holmium Laser

Both Flexible Ureterorenoscope & Holmium laser are expensive.

RIRS Surgery Cost

RIRS Surgery Cost will further depend on various factors:-

1. Whether Digital Flexible Ureteroscope is used or Fiber optic Flexible Ureteroscope is used as there is vast difference in the price of Fiberoptic  Flexible Ureterorenoscope & Digital Flexible Ureterorenoscope.

2. In fiber optic scope, there are optical fibers in the scope & vision is of poor quality when compared with Digital Scope. This fiber optic scope is much cheaper than Digital scope.

3. Digital scope has a Camera chip on the tip of scope & is quite expensive but the vision is excellent & it is much easier to operate with digital scope because of its vision.

4. If Digital scope ( Chip on the tip ) is used for RIRS Surgery, the cost of RIRS Surgery is going to be higher.

RIRS  Surgery Cost is further dependent on the use of disposables like Ureteral Access Sheath & tip less baskets.

If the treating Urologist is only dusting the stone ( fragmenting the stone into small fragments or converting the stone into dust ), Ureteral access sheath & tip less baskets may not be used & in that case the RIRS Surgery cost is low.

 If the treating Surgeon intends to clear the Kidney Stone at the end of RIRS Surgery & disposables are used, the cost of RIRS Surgery will be more as both these disposables are single use & expensive. Good hydrophilic Ureteral Access Sheaths usually costs some where between Rs. Six to Eight thousand only & one good tip less basket would be more than Rs. Ten thousand only. It is not advisable to reuse these disposables as the access sheath looses its hydrophilic content & wires of tip less basket start loosing its elasticity after one use. These disposables are manufactured for Single use only.

 If the objective of RIRS Surgery is complete clearance of the Kidney Stone at the end of RIRS Surgery, it is probably only possible with the use of Access Sheath & tip less baskets. One may need one or more baskets for each surgery & it all depends on the size & location of stones, the use of fiber optic or Digital scope & the experience of treating Surgeon as well. And in such case, the cost of RIRS Surgery is going to be more.

RIRS Surgery cost will always be more if Digital scope is being used & will further increase if complete clearance is the objective at the end of RIRS Surgery as this will involve the cost of disposables.

Now depending upon the factors discussed above, the RIRS Surgery Cost remains variable.